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Extra Flavor: Eye of the Oni

Welcome to the first Flavor Extended! Flavor Extended is a new series where writers will add additional flavor to cards that either did not have flavor text, or had flavor text that inspired additional details. To start things off, please enjoy this piece written by Emily! - Editor's Note

Eyes have always been symbols of power, but the Eye of the Oni takes that power to a whole new level. This twisted mask, adorned with a single glowing eye, serves as a gateway to the inner demons that lurk within us all.

When worn, it empowers its bearer to unleash devastating psychic attacks that ravage the minds of their enemies. With each strike, the enemy's thoughts unravel, consumed by madness and despair.

Some say that the Oni themselves created this mask, granting its power to those who dare to wear it. But be warned: with great power comes great danger, for the Eye of the Oni will surely claim the sanity of those who wield it.

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