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Welcome to the Varia Community!

We're thrilled that you've joined us on this exciting journey into the world of expandable card games. Varia is a dynamic and engaging game that provides endless possibilities for strategic gameplay and creative deck-building. But more than that, Varia is a game that brings people together, fostering a sense of community and friendship among players. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a curious newcomer, the Varia Community is a welcoming and inclusive space where you can learn, play, and grow. So join us today and discover the excitement of Varia for yourself!


Varia Organized Play Kits offer the opportunity to have exclusive prize support for local tournaments and events.


Varia Ambassadors extend our worldwide reach by connecting others to Varia through gameplay.

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Make a difference in your local gaming scene as the ultimate Varia champion:

A Varia Black Knight!

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Organized Play & Promos


Each organized play package comes with 36 sealed Varia promo packs and one playmat - enough to cover prize support for four Varia events.

At Guildhouse Games, we work hard to ensure our games remain as accessible as possible. For this reason, the only way to receive foil printings of cards outside of a preorder is to earn those cards through organized play. 

Varia Organized Play (OP) Kits offer the opportunity to have exclusive prize support for local tournaments and events. These kits are produced in limited quantity, with different card lists, new themed artworks, and fresh foiling treatments each printing. 

Organized Play kits are only available to retailers, and are not meant for resale. These kits are designed to reward players for supporting both their Local Game Store and their Varia Community by playing in person at Varia events.

Learn more about OP Rewards here.

Interested in getting Varia Organized Play in your LGS? Reach out to us!



Ambassador Program

If you love Varia and want to help the game's community grow, you might be a great fit to become a Varia Ambassador. Ambassadors extend our worldwide reach by connecting others to Varia through gameplay.

Purpose - The primary purpose of Varia Ambassadors is as follows:

  • Showcase Varia at your Game Night or Local Game Store.

  • Share your perspectives on Varia with the world.

  • Moderate and answer questions on forums.

  • Teach new players how to play.

  • Be a welcoming presence at conventions and events.

Expectation – Across all of the ways Ambassadors can contribute to Varia, the consistent idea is that Ambassadors find ways to welcome people to our Community. That means we communicate with kindness and respect with all types of people, regardless of gender, race, age, religion, culture, nationality, and sexuality.


Varia seeks to include, not exclude.

Conventions and Events – Guildhouse Games formally attends a few conventions and events each year in an effort to increase awareness of Varia and our brand. At events, we ask for Ambassadors to be a welcoming presence for people who are trying out our games, helping teach players or answering questions. Depending on the convention location, we often ask for volunteers to help support booth staff. Varia Ambassadors will be asked first if they would like to volunteer to help run our official booths at events.

Communication – We'll communicate often with Ambassadors through our #ambassador-news channel on our official Discord. We entrust information with Ambassadors before it is available for public consumption, and ask that you respect that by waiting to share information until given the go-ahead by GhG staff.

Rewards – Ambassadors are rewarded for their participation in the following ways:

  • Promos - At the end of each year, we send our Ambassadors who demonstrate their desire to help grow the game and uphold our values a unique alt-art Varia promo card as a thank you for being part of the program.

  • Payment - Depending on how you help us (rules proofreaders, playtesters, and convention booth volunteers for example) you may be compensated for your time and expertise.


Interested in becoming a Varia Ambassador? Reach out to us!


Become a Champion of the Varia Community

Are you passionate about Varia and want to share it with others? Do you want to be recognized as a leader in your local gaming community? Earn the elite Black Knight status and be immortalized in the Varia Community for your efforts!

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Here’s How It Works:

Step 1 - Put Guildhouse Games LLC in contact with your local game store (LGS) and become a Varia Community Champion. As a reward for doing so, you will receive a Varia OP Promo Pack. and a one-time 20% off promo for your own Varia Starter Kit to show off the game in person!

Step 2 - Your selected LGS places an order for a Varia Beginner Bundle, which includes everything needed to serve a new community of Varia players. In addition to products for resale, the bundle also contains additional player rewards to be used as incentives for players who participate in Varia game nights and events at the LGS.

Step 3 - Schedule and host two "Learn & Play" events in partnership with your chosen LGS at least a week apart over the course of a month. You must be present at both events and provide Guildhouse Games with at least one picture of each event.

Step 4 - Work with your LGS to hold two "Varia Game Night" events in partnership with your chosen LGS at least a week apart over the course of a month playing Varia casually or competitively using the "Out-of-the-Box" format using the provided player rewards from the Starter Bundle. You must be present at both events and provide Guildhouse Games with at least one picture of each event.

Step 5 - Your LGS makes an additional order of Varia products, including additional player rewards packs for the LGS to use as player rewards at the store. This is to further sustain a growing Varia player community. Once this purchase is fulfilled, you will achieve Black Knight status, and both you and your store become eligible for a custom "Varia Black Card".


What Does Becoming A Black Knight Include?

A Serialized Varia Black Card - The Serialized Varia Black Cards are special 1 of 2 holographic cards printed using a unique black-out treatment, with your name and the name of your LGS immortalized in the card's credits. As a Black Knight, you get to select which Varia card you will receive with the black-out treatment, as long as it has not already been given to another Black Knight. Your LGS will receive the other (2 of 2) printing of the black-out card. It is worth repeating that once a card is given the Black Knight treatment, that card is no longer able to be selected by any other future Black Knight. You become the champion (and owner) of your chosen card!*

Increased Community Rewards - Once a Black Card has been generated, a limited number of the non-serialized version of that Black Card, with your name and LGS name, will be added to the pool of potential cards that can be opened in an OP Rewards pack in the Legendary slot.

Access to the #Roundtable - You will be given a special role on the Varia Discord server and gain access to the exclusive #Roundtable channel on our official Discord.

Become a Black Knight Today!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to be a part of the Varia community and make a difference in your local gaming scene. Join the Varia Community Champion program today and become the ultimate Varia ambassador - A Varia Black Knight!

Interested in becoming a Varia Black Knight? Reach out to us!


* Each alternate art for a card is treated as its own variant. For example, if you wanted to become the Black Knight of the card  Spellfire Barrier, Javier Bahamonde version and the Lukas Vasut version would be be considered separate cards - each one can be knighted!

Black Knight Program

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