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A new genre of card game - fast, interactive, and fun!

Varia is a card & dice-based fighting game that is all about timing your odds. Each turn, you decide what cards to use against your opponent. At the same time, your opponent decides what cards they will use against you. In the end, you both roll the dice to determine whose cards come out on top.

A sound strategy minimizes the damage you take and maximizes the hurt you put on your opponent. Poor planning leaves your head spinning as you shuffle up for round two.
In this game, there are no minions to summon or walls to hide behind. Instead, you raise your shield against an onslaught of arrows. You cast the spell that launches balls of fire at your opponent’s face. You bring your equipped hammer down on your unsuspecting foe.
With careful planning and a little luck, victory will be yours!
May the dice always fall in your favor.

— The Varia Design Team




We’ll send you video resources that will help you learn the rules, including a live recorded demo with Anthony, one of the game’s creators! We’ll also help you find an opponent via our Discord server.


We’ll keep you updated with the latest updates, events, and more!


We’ll show you how to download the P&P, as well as where and how you can access Varia for free on digital platforms such as Tabletop Simulator and Tabletopia. 

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