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Organized Play Rewards

Randomized Promo Packs

At Guildhouse Games we believe that games should be accessible, and that skill should be the determining factor in a player's ability to win - not wallet size. Because of this, we never include cards in our promo packs that do not have a mechanical equivalent readily available via a non-randomized product. The promo packs offer a way for players to bling out their favorite decks. They are not the sole method to secure key cards.

Randomized Varia promo packs contain two randomly selected foil Varia cards. Each time a promo pool is printed, the following distribution is used:

  • For every 1 Legendary that is printed

  • 2 Mythics are printed

  • 4 Rares are printed

  • 6 Uncommons are printed

  • 8 Commons are printed

The way rarity is assigned is as follows: 

  • Commons include all generic cards

  • Uncommons include all cards that show up as a 3-of in any class deck

  • Rares include all cards that show up as a 2-of in any class deck

  • Mythics include all cards that show up as a 1-of in any class deck or as an asset

  • Legendaries include special full-art frame variants of any card

Based on the above, for every eight Aimed Edge cards that exist in a promo print pool, there are two Decapitate cards, and one special-edition full art Slice 'em Up.

Spellfire Barrier.jpg
P022 - Spellfire Barrier.png

The Javier Bahamonde version of Spellfire Barrier would be printed at "Uncommon" since it appears as a 3-of in the Phoenix Spellsword class deck. The Lukas Vasut version would be printed at "Legendary."

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