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Extra Flavor: Indomitable Drive

Dear Emperor,

I, General Xithe, come to you with heavy heart and deep regret to inform you of my resignation as the head of the Imperial Army. I am no longer fit to lead our troops, as I have failed in my mission to defeat our enemies and protect our land.

Our recent battle against a mysterious lone fighter has left me deeply shaken, and I feel I can no longer lead your soldiers with the strength and confidence that they deserve.

The fighter appeared from nowhere, fully armored and masked, wielding a single blade that seemed to deflect all of our arrows with ease. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to penetrate its defenses, and it quickly decimated our ranks. The fighter's unorthodox fighting style and complete fearlessness instilled terror in the hearts of my soldiers, and after the third arrow volley failed, our front line broke and ran.

I was able to scratch the mask of the mysterious fighter, but only barely. I saw a glimpse of its face, and I still have nightmares about what I saw. The eyes were cold and empty, and the mouth was twisted into a cruel smile. I am haunted by the mystery of the masked warrior, and I cannot shake the feeling that there are darker forces at play.

The story will spread of our defeat, and I cannot bear the shame of leading an army that was bested by a single fighter. Included with this letter are my weapons, my armor, and my right hand, as is the customary procedure for desertion.


General Xithe

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