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Extra Flavor: The 4th Blade of Miyamune

The 4th Blade is not just a weapon, but a symbol of the power and artistry of the legendary swordsmith Miyamune. This corded whip dagger has the ability to channel lightning and thunder, making it a force to be reckoned with in battle.

It was crafted by Miyamune himself, who believed that no mortal was worthy to wield his weapons. Instead, Miyamune crafted artificial beings to wield the blades.

The current user of the 4th Blade uses the corded dagger in a unique and remarkable way, channeling literal lightning through its artificial body and into a specially crafted bass guitar. The result is a stunning display of sonic force, as the 4th Blade sings and dances through the air, unleashing bolts of lightning with every chord.

The 4th Blade is a masterpiece. A testament to Miyamune's unrivaled skill and vision.

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