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Extra Flavor: Two-Faced Terbum

The Two-Faced Terbum is a symbol of the delicate balance between two opposing forces. This ancient artifact was created by monks from the realm of Adena, who believe that by embracing both sides of their nature, they can attain enlightenment.

The face of the terbum is half angelic and half demonic, reflecting the duality of all things. The monks of Adena train by standing atop the terbum, seeking to maintain their balance for as long as possible. It is said that only the most disciplined and enlightened of the monks can remain atop the terbum for any length of time, and that doing so grants them the wisdom and strength they need to pursue their spiritual journeys.

The Two-Faced Terbum is not just a training tool, but a beacon of hope, a reminder of the power of balance and the importance of embracing all aspects of one's self.

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